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Rain Soul – The Powerful All Round Seed Based Supplement

Ever wonder what it means to be free of major killer and excruciating Diseases? Yes, I mean where you had sort solution from the orthodox method of treatment with no avail. You had went from one hospital to another seeking for relieve but to no avail?

Stop further runs. Please grab yourself a box of Rain Soul and your relieve start coming up sooner than you expect.

Personal Experience

As a growing up kid I had to struggle through life! So for many years I rigorously went through the stress of getting myself educated while at the same time working to survive. I had to “kill” sleep at nights so as to read and cover the syllabuses and pass my exams. I qualified as a chartered accountant at the end. However my health suffered – I became an insomniac, also an ulcer patient and had to go about with Gelusil, Mist Mag, Polycrol et al. Every institution I worked, I was a popular guy at their clinics and HMOs as I visits every two or three months with one complaint or the other, fever today, malaria & typhoid tomorrow etc. My stomach became my “god” as i am massively watchful of what I put in there or else I pay dearly for it! I have also had to deal with severe Arthritic Pains on a regular basis. Fast forward to today I can sit in a bus for hours without any knee pains, I can stay without eating for days without any issue, I can eat anything I want, and my stomach is no longer my “god”! It’s been five solid years now that I have visited the hospitals last! And what more I don’t know what Paracetamol look like any longer! It’s amazing! Thanks to God and the power of Seed Nutrition! I came across it about 5 years ago and it’s been awesome! I will recommend it for anyone any day any time. – O. Oluyede


What is Rain Soul?

SOUL is a 2-ounce health supplement, designed by science and fueled by nature. Oils from super seed like black cumin, raspberry, and Chardonnay grape were extracted to create a synergistic, drinkable mixture that outperforms every other he`alth supplement available.

SOUL has been formulated to be nutrigenomically focused, which ensures better and more efficient genetic turnover. Each packet of SOUL contains a wealth of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and immune-boosting nutrients. This profile of benefits works synergistically to help your body feel, perform, and fight at its highest level. You‘ll feel young, lively, and endlessly energetic.

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The Powerful Ingredients in Rain Soul

What makes this product powerful? It’s the composition. Rain Soul is a combination of a naturally existing three of mankind most powerful seeds extracted under a cold press system and blended together to produce a naturally existing blend of the product called Rain Soul. The synergistic effect of this combination produces the most perfect blend of natural substance ever seen with serious effect on the body. When nature meets nature, wonders results! Little wonder then why Rain Soul had over 6,000 testimonies in Nigeria alone ranging from common cold to stage four cancer. Yes you heard me right stage four cancer


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Below are a few of the testimonies from other users of Rain Soul:

Rain Soul Testimonials

On 28th August 2017, I was introduced to this amazing products by Alhaja Okin who saw how terrible I was battling with severe arthritis. This arthritis significantly affected my quality of life, as I couldn’t go up and down the stairs without support, after sitting for long, I always felt excruciating pains while trying to stand up and it also affected me during prayers because of my inability to kneel down. Prior to the supplement, I had explored numerous options for treatment ranging from herbal to orhodox. After about 3 months of intensive use of the supplements, I started noticing how relieved i began to feel when going up and down the stairs and kneeling to pray is no longer an issue as I now pray effortlessly. Through these Products, I have helped many people experiencing different health complications. These supplements has been a blessing to me. – Yusuf A.O


Ulcer Gone Within 3 Days! Before, I became partner with the seed Nutrition Company I have been suffering from ulcer for about six years. I have visited different medical practitioner and still yet with the medication prescribed I felt NO CHANGES. Until, this fateful day a close friend called to check up on me I told her I was not sure if the ULCER pain was going to relieve me. Then, she (ANN IJEH) introduced me to RAIN PRODUCT so I decided to give it a try. To my greatest surprise the pain disappeared within 3days. I was very happy to the extent that I started telling others about it Onyedikachukwu S.


Severe Cough Crushed in Three Weeks My name is Amos Ekaba. I have suffered from cough for the past three years without getting cured.      I have gone to teaching hospital, TB health facilities and other hospitals without cure. I have done X-rays several times and my chest and lungs are clear. They have Carried out other test medically without finding out what causes the cough. I cannot be under fan or any cold environment. I cough almost the whole night and could barely sleep for two to three hours. A childhood friend Ite Ojeh suggested I use Rain products that it will help. To my surprise it does. Just three weeks of trying out these products, I can enjoy the comfort of a fan, cough less and even sleep for six hours or more now. It’s truly amazing. – Ekaba A.


Secondary Infertility Resolved With Seed Nutrition. I was introduced to Seed nutrition sometimes in 2019. Prior to that I have been dealing with multiple fibroid and had been looking for an alternative way to get rid of them since I didn’t want to go for surgery. I decided to try the products but to my surprise after 3 months of taking Rain Soul and Core I was able to conceive 9 years after I had my first child despite the fact that I had tried all other means to no avail. Thank God for seed nutritionTemidayo O


Considering it deservingly simple composition, the health benefits of Rain Soul are quite extraordinary. On the other hand, fewer ingredients mean you can derive more benefit from each of them.

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Why Rain Soul is so powerful – The ingredient:

  • Black Raspberry Seed

Black raspberry seeds contain a substantial amount of antioxidants – much more so than red raspberry seeds. In fact, in a study conducted in Chile in 2006, which compared the antioxidant properties of more than two dozen different berries and fruits, black raspberries were found to contain more antioxidants than kiwis and plums.

As such, it not only helps to fight free radicals in the body, but has also been proven to inhibit cancerous growths. While it might not be able to heal cancer, it does help to prevent it.

In addition to that, black raspberry seeds help to keep your eyes healthy, fights inflammation, and help to reduce blood pressure. As such it can help to relieve allergic reactions like hay fever and sinusitis, as well as topical skin problems like eczema – which in turn reduces the need for medications like anti-histamines (which tend to make you drowsy).

  • Black Cumin Seed

In similar fashion to black raspberry seeds, black cumin seeds carry a highly focused set of health benefits. First and foremost it is a natural anti inflammatory agent – which means that, besides actively addressing inflammation, it also helps to diminish the effects of allergies. In fact, black cumin seeds have proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of everything from bronchial asthma right up to eczema. Its uses and effectiveness has been well documented over the course of many years.

In addition to that, the contents of black seeds are not only anti-bacterial agents, but are anti- microbial agents. That means they assist not only in fighting bacterial infections, but also infections from viruses, fungi, and parasites.

The potent combination of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids also means that it contributes to skin health, while also exhibiting a reducing effect on high blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Chardonnay Grape Seed

Chardonnay grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, but have also been linked to improved blood circulation, reduction of swelling due to injuries, and the maintaining the health of your eyes. In our day and age where we spend many hours gazing at computer screens, tablets and smartphones, attending to the health of our eyes have become crucial.

  • D-Ribose

Ribose, natural sugar not only helps to increase energy on a muscular level, but – in the case of several inherited diseases – it helps to reduce the after-effects of exercise, such as cramps, muscle stiffness and pain.. It produces energy not in bouts for a short period of time but for a sustained long period of time.


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